The research on this site was sparked by the analysis of earthquake statistics.  In1986, I came across a remarkable data set.  My effort to make sense of it, and the reaction of the scientific community to it, completely changed my perception of the universe and my attitude toward academic science.  Every time the standard theories suggested that my effort was futile, I took the other path. 

The Parkfield Earthquakes 
As the San Andreas Fault crosses California, it passes through the small town of Parkfield where there is a kink in it.  This kink is generally believed to be the cause of the quasi periodic earthquakes that occur there.  Becuase of their periodicity and the
belief that they may trigger the next big quake in the Los Angeles area, these quakes have been the focus of more research dollars than any others.  With all of this attention by the best of the American seismic community it is hard to believe that there might be anything undiscovered in the data.
     While looking for a particular type of tidal triggering, a student of mine, Darren Ritter, noticed a peculiar relationship between lunar elongation (the angle between the sun and moon as measured from the earth) and the time of the quakes. The angles cluster tightly around 135 and 315 degrees (see above figure) with a conservatively estimated statistical significance of 0.995.  A similar relationship was later discovered for a segment of the Imperial Fault The quakes also correlated with sunspot
minimums with a significance of at least 0.9.  We were excited, then we found out tat the same relationship was discovered previously by John Bagby and several amateurs who were also ignored by the establishment.  An Armenian geophysicist, Gurgen Tamrazyan, discovered over 70 such "signatures."  They and several hundred more are catalogued in The other patterns in earthquakes.
    It is only reasonable to assume that if such strong correlations were noticed in precursors to what could be the greates natural disaster in the richest country on earth, that there would be a great deal of professional interest. There is none.  There is absolutely no way that these theories can be incoporated into plate tectonics. No tidal stresses are maximized or minimized locally at these times.  Are there theories that can incorporate this phenomena?  Yes, there are several where the earth's radius either expands or oscillates. I will refer to the as expanding earth theories.

Post Script
     After 17 years pondering this enigma it became obvious that what is maximized at this signature is the torsion perpendicular to the earth's axis due to a coupling between the moon's gravity and the tidal bulges.  This would only be significant if there already existed a predilection for the earth to shift in this direction.  Such a shift has been discussed by Carey and Kokus.