Towards a New Paradigm
I am proposing that certain nonstandard theories and not generally recognized phenomena in geology, astronomy, particle physics, gravitation, and cosmology unify into a more coherent whole than the dominant theories in those fields. These are primarily earth expansion, astronomical quantization, leptonic theory of matter, and the spherically rotating electron. I am saying that many highly regarded theoretical physicists are failing to unify the forces of physics because they are looking in the wrong place. The problem is how the sciences have come to be structured. Careers are made by carving out a specialty and reinforcing the beliefs of your superiors. There is no incentive to question the status quo.
  What needs to be done is for researchers in nonstandard theories to come together and look for common ground and to develope a working unified theory.  This site is an effort to do that.

The common ground so far.
  If earth expansion and astronomical  quantization are accepted as real phenomena then a unified theory would have the following requirements:
1. There is a mechanism to create matter where matter exists and the rate of creation is proportional to the amount of matter that exists there.
2. Matter can be created without creating antimatter.
3.A particles mass can increase over time, most likely through an interaction with older particles. The
e/m ration of fundamental particles can change.
4. A particle and the body that it is in can acquire angular momentum as it acquires mass.

I first outlined the basic hypothesis of this site in, "Toward a new paradigm,"
Frontier Perspectives,  vol.8, no. 2, pp44-48.
The universe is not the random consequence of a big bang and its destiny is not a black hole. Particles create other particles. Bodies grow over time. The earth expands. Galaxies create quasars which grow into other galaxies which create other galaxies and so on. The universe has structure. The properties of matter are determined by other matter. The mechanisms are simple even if the results are complex. Particles organize and replicate. If an observer could study a large part of the universe over a long period of time, it would resemble a simple life form.
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