Earth Expansion
    In expanding earth models it is usually assumed that when the earth was 50-60% of its present radius, it was covered completely by solid continent with no ocean basins. As it expanded, the continents broke and then drifted apart with material from the mantle upwelling along the cracks to fill in the gaps and form the mid-oceanic ridges. The geologic case for earth expansion has been well made by Warren Carey, Hugh Owen, Lester King and Warren Hunt. There are presently many models of expansion with different expansion rates and different mechanisms for expansion. For reference, I will choose the models of Carey, Scalera, and Koziar.  In them the expansion is episodic, coming in fits and starts. Over long periods, the best fit would be expotential growth.  In other words, the growth rate is proportional to the existing mass of the earth. During certain periods, matter is added where matter already exists in proportion to the matter already existing there.
     These models have two problems. One, where does the matter come from? (There are models where the expansion is the result of a super dense matter becoming less dense.) In the standard theory of particles, quantumchromodynamics (quarks, etc.) matter cannot be created without creating an equal amount of antimatter. Where is the antimatter? The second problem is that as the earth expands, its moment of inertia increases and its rotation should slow if angular momentum is conserved and the earth can be treated as a closed system. While fossil evidence has shown that earth rotation has slowed, it has not slowed enough to be compatible with inferred expansion rates.
Klaus Vogel's globes showing the evolution of the Atlantic on an expanding earth.
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